About Me

Welcome to my site. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Remy. I am 43 years old and from California, USA.

My interests include:

  • Art:
    I am an artist. I like to draw. I have been drawing since pre-school just like most everyone else does, except I stuck with it whereas most have given it up as they became older. You can see some samples of my work on my Artwork page.

  • Computers:
    I am a full-time-professional/part-time-hobbyist computer software programmer. I primarily work in C++, but have experience in several other languages including Visual Basic, Java, Delphi/Pascal, Perl, and ASP. Although I can't discuss my professional work here, I do have a website at http://www.lebeausoftware.org for my hobby programming which I do in my spare time.

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