This is a copy of a script I wrote for my drama class in school. Our class was divided up into several groups, each group acting out a different fairie tale. Rather than use an existing fairie tale, my group decided to write our own. I volunteered to write the script since this the kind of thing I used to do during my pre-teen years. I hope you enjoy it.

The Solstice

Cast of Characters

Queen Krool evil sorceress
Dimitri Queen Krool's henchman
Queen Sugarcube good queen, mother of Lady Julivia
Princess Lady Julivia daughter of Queen Sugarcube
Winter Lady Julivia's servant
General Adamus general to Queen Sugarcube

Scene 1: Queen Krool's castle, in the throneroom

(Queen Krool is standing in her throneroom)

Krool: (looking out of the window) Ah, the Winter Solstice is almost here. The Princess Lady Julivia's inherited powers will surface soon. The time has come. I must combine her new powers with my own before it's too late. (shouts) Dimitri!

Dimitri: (enters from stage-left, bows to Krool, right arm across crest, eyes closed) I am here, your Majesty! (opens eyes, rises, stands at attention) What is your wish?

Krool: The Winter Solstice approaches. It is time. Bring me Lady Julivia.

Dimitri: (bows again, same as before) As you command. (rises, turns and leaves, stage-left )

Krool: Soon, I will be the most powerful sorceress ever! (leaves, stage-right)

Narrator: (from backstage) And so Dimitri, being the loyal subject that he is, goes to Queen Sugarcube's castle to kidnap Princess Lady Julivia.

Scene 2: Queen Sugarcube's castle, in the garden

(Winter and Lady Julivia enter from stage-left, sit on bench. Winter begins brushing Julivia's hair, and they start talking. Dimitri enters from stage-right, sees Julivia and is lovestruck. He stands there, staring.)

Krool: (pause, then from backstage, shouting) Dimitri! What are you waiting for? Go on, get on with it! Now!

Dimitri: (coming out of his daze at the sound of Krool's voice, looks around above him as though voice came from thin air) Ri ... Right away, your Majesty. (goes up to Julivia, grabs her and carries her away, stage-right )

Winter: (watches Dimitri carry Julivia away, unable to help. Shouts towards castle as Dimitri and Julivia are leaving the stage) Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Come quick!

Sugarcube: (rushing in after Dimitri and Julivia are gone) Winter, what is wrong? What has happened?

Winter: (starting to sob) Oh, your Majesty. It's terrible. Lady Julivia has been kidnapped! A man came a ... and grabbed her an ... and carried her away!

Sugarcube: Winter, what did this man look like?

Winter: (thinking) I'm not sure. It happened so fast. All I can say is that he was tall, and he had dark hair, and ... and ...

Sugarcube: And what, Winter?

Winter: (thinking, then suddenly remembers) Oh, a ... and he had a scar on his face (moves her finger her own face as speaks, from above her eye to below it)

Sugarcube: (realizing who Winter described, snaps fingers) Dimitri! (shouts towards castle) General Adamus! (to Winter) You did good, Winter. Now, go wait in the castle. (Winter nods to Sugarcube, then leaves, stage-left)

Adamus: (enters from stage-left as Winter leaves) Yes, your Highness?

Sugarcube: Dimitri has kidnapped my daughter. No doubt he took her to Queen Krool. She obviously knows about tomorrow. You must rescue her before then.

Adamus: I will get her back for you, I promise. (bows to Sugarcube, turns, and quickly leaves, stage-right )

Sugarcube: (worried) I hope my daughter is safe. (leaves stage-left)

Narrator: (from backstage) And so, General Adamus works his way to Queen Krool's castle to rescue the princess.

Scene 3: Queen Krool's castle, in the throneroom

(Queen Krool is sitting on her throne when Dimitri enters from stage-left carrying Julivia in)

Krool: (sees Julivia) Ah, Princess Julivia. (sarcastically) So nice of you to join us.

Julivia: (angrily) Why are you doing this to me?

Krool: Isn't it obvious? I want your inheritance.

Julivia: (startled, then playing dumb) What inheritance? What are talking about?

Krool: (shocked, then sarcastically) Why, princess. I'm shocked. Didn't your dear old mother tell you about tomorrow?

Julivia: (still playing dumb) No. What about tomorrow?

Krool: (not quite believing that Julivia doesn't know) Huh. Well, I ... suppose ... I can tell you. Tomorrow during the Solstice, an inheritance will be bestowed upon you. You will, (very sarcastically, smiling) I mean, you would have, received powers beyond imagination. You would have become even more powerful than me. Do you see how I keep saying 'would have?' You see, my dear, I plan on ... obtaining ... these powers for myself before you do. (smiles at Julivia, then turns to Dimitri) Dimitri, take our little ... guest ... to her cell.

Dimitri: (hesitantly) As you wish, ... Your Majesty. (carries Julivia away, stage-right)

Krool: (to herself) It's only a matter of time now (leaves, following Dimitri and Julivia)

Narrator: And so, Dimitri takes Princess Julivia to the dungeon, where she is to wait for her fate.

Scene 4: Queen Krool's castle, in the dungeon

(Julivia, sitting in cell, stage-right, miserable. General Adamus enters, sneaking in, from stage-left)

Adamus: (sees Julivia in cell, rushes to her) Princess! Am I glad I found you. Are you alright?

Julivia: (surprised) General! Yes, yes, I'm fine. Hurry, get me out!

Adamus: (looking around) Where is the key?

Julivia: I think it's over there on the wall (pointing over towards upstage-center wall)

Adamus: (gets key and unlocks cell door) Come on, Princess. Let's get you home. (Adamus and Julivia head towards stage-left when Dimitri enters, blocking their way)

Dimitri: (to Adamus) Going somewhere?

Adamus: As a matter of fact, we are. I'm taking the Princess home where she belongs.

Dimitri: Well, in that case, you going to have to take the secret passage at the end of that hall (points across stage). Queen Krool has this hallway (indicating behind him) guarded. You'd never make it out.

Adamus: And why should we believe you?

Dimitri: Because ... (hesitantly, looking around to make sure no one else is around) because, I'm an inside agent for a rebellion against Queen Krool. She has become too evil, too (thinking of an appropriate word) over-powering. Her subjects can't stand her anymore.

Adamus: (doubtful) A rebellion, you say?

Dimitri: Yes. We all know the prophecy about a princess (indicating Julivia) who will someday gain powers strong enough to help rid this kingdom of Queen Krool and her reign of evil. (pausing) And, well, that ... and ... well, (shyly) ever since I saw her in the garden, I (hard to say) ... I can't ... stop thinking about her. I mean, I don't want anything to happen to her.

Adamus: You're serious, aren't you?

Dimitri: Yes, I am.

Adamus: Well, in that case, (looks to Julivia) I guess we have no choice. (to Dimitri) Show us this 'secret passage.'

Dimitri: This way. (leaves, stage-right , Adamus and Julivia following)

Narrator: (from backstage) And so, Dimitri, General Adamus, and Princess Julivia hurry to Queen Sugarcube's castle, hoping they will make it in time for Princess Julivia to receive her inheritance.

Scene 5: Queen Sugarcube's castle, in the garden

(Sugarcube enters from stage-left , starts pacing around, worried, when Julivia rushes in from stage-right towards her)

Julivia: (happily) Mother!

Sugarcube: (turns around, sees Julivia, surprised) Daughter! (they hug) Oh, thank god you're alright. (Adamus and Dimitri enter from stage-right. Sugarcube sees Dimitri, becomes angry) You! (Winter enters from stage-left and greets Julivia as Sugarcube charges Dimitri. Adamus steps in her way)

Adamus: (hand in air, stopping Sugarcube) Your Highness, stop. Without his help, we wouldn't have been able to escape Queen Krool's castle without being noticed. He is a spy for a rebellion against Krool.

Sugarcube: (to Dimitri, shocked) You are?

Dimitri: Yes, I am.

Sugarcube: (to Dimitri) Well, I guess we owe you a debt of gratitude. Thank you for helping to save my daughter.

Dimitri: Well, you're welcome, your Highness. I hope her new powers will put an end to Queen Krool's evil rule.

Sugarcube: (looking upward) The Solstice begins, Come, daughter. It is time.

(Sugarcube, Dimitri, Adamus, and Winter circle around Julivia, join hands and look down. Julivia closes eyes, looks up, and opens hands to sky)

Narrator: (from backstage) And so, Princess Julivia is bestowed her inheritance...

(Dimitri, Sugarcube, Adamus, and Winter release hands and relax, Julivia stops looking up and opens eyes. Krool enters from stage-right. All look at her asJulivia raises upstage arm towards Krool, Krool dies on the spot)

Narrator: and uses her new powers to rid the land of Queen Krool and her reign of terror.

The End

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