Windows Hacks

To all you Windows 95 users, here is the page I told you about in my homepage. Below is a list of all the hacks that I have, as well as links to the files I used to make the list.

Available Hacks

  • Add file types to the New submenu on the mouse menu.
  • Icons from the Actual Bitmaps
  • Change Name / Location of Folders
  • Change the Size and Spacing of Desktop Icons
  • Changing the My Computer or Recycle Bin icon
  • Change your MTU settings for Win95 slip
  • Make an Open New Folder Context Entry
  • Logitech Mouse tip
  • Change your 3D-objects (Highlights and Shadows)
  • Modifying Windows 95's TCP/IP Packet Size
  • Speed up the Windows Refresh rate
  • Getting Rid of the Shortcut Arrows
  • Real short filenames (remove ~? from filenames)
  • Reduce the Start/Run Drop Down List
  • What you need to know to edit the Recycle Bin
  • Getting Rid of the Inbox Icon
  • Add the 'Open DOS Box' option (folders/files)
  • Add the 'Edit with Notepad' option (files)
  • NumLock fix.
  • Restrictions in Multi-user-systems
  • Editing the Windows TIPS at start-up
  • Turn Off the Documents Menu
  • Turning off the Exploding Windows Animation
  • Change the Desktop Folders Default.Icon
  • Removing unwanted items from the Desktop
  • Change the Desktop's default folder
  • Edit essential folders
  • If an application cannot find it's Help File
  • Speed up the Start-Menu!
  • My city isn't on the time zone map!!!
  • Adding sounds to application events
  • Screen Power on Your Schedule (Energy Star-compatible monitors)
  • Retrieve Your Windows CD's ID (if you lose it)
  • Beef Up Your Start Menu
  • Make the Most of 'My Computer'
  • Relocate or Revamp the Recycle Bin
  • Nix Network Neighborhood
  • Instant URLs
  • Print Complete Directory Listings
  • Stop Automatic Registry Restores (edit .reg files with a double-click)
  • Make 'Open With . . . Notepad' First Choice
  • Create New Files More Quickly (remove unwanted entries from the New context menu)
  • Edit, Don't Run, .bat Files with a Double-Click
  • Use Run to Quick-Start Your Programs
  • Add Internet Explorer History to the Start Menu
  • Choose which file you would like to download:

    Win95 Registry Hacks document (15,872 bytes)

    All Win95 Hack documents (474,231 bytes)


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